Online Gamblers in China Creating PH Property Market Boom

the city of Manila at night

Philippine property is seeing a lot of action lately thanks to Chinese gamblers. Online gambling operations within China’s are strictly prohibited, but the law does not prevent Chinese online gambling operators, who are located outside the country and located offshore, from offering services to rich mainlanders from Macau and all over China. In 2017, ₱9.68 …

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Playtech Holds Position as The Only Accredited RNG Provider

PlayTech Philippines RNG

Playtech’s parent company Montford Inc. is still the only RNG provider in the Philippines to earn accreditation via PAGCOR. Despite an opportunity to become accredited through PAGCOR’s Offshore Gaming Licensing Department, no other RNG software provider has applied for this. According to PAGCOR, POGO licensees can only offer RNG technology from companies which have gained …

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Philippine President Duterte Says Gambling Will End

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte angry

President Rodrigo Duterte plans to remove gambling from the country whether its online or physical casinos. The Philippines gambling market may be reduced greatly after announcements arise by Philippine President Duterte who has shared his distaste for gambling since he took the executive position. In recent speeches, Duterte has adamantly affirmed intents to suppress online …

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Chinese Authorities Bust Billion Dollar Gambling Racket

Police stand at attention.

An online gambling site based in the Philippines has been shut down as a result of a long sting operation conducted by the Chinese police. Authorities in Jiangsu have arrested over 50 individuals in connection with this gambling operation that is projected to have dealt with approximately $1.1 billion in wagers over the past few …

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Casino Development Halted In Philippines

PH President reacts to questioning.

The Philippines are an interesting place for looming casino developers. However, it may be difficult to build out new gambling locations given the fact that President Roger Duterte publicly denounced gambling at a recent event. He also ordered a $1.5 billion casino project to cease operations shortly after they broke ground. The news broke in …

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Black Market World Cup Betting Generates Billions In Asia

Logo for 2018 World Cup

The 2018 World Cup is well underway, and many sports betting fans are getting in on the action around the world. So far, the World Cup has produced some thrillers and upsets that have left many fans scratching their heads while other fans are celebrating in the streets. “No one could have predicted this” one …

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Casino Developments in The Philippines are Halted

Halt on Casinos

Rumor had it that a number of new commercial developments and casinos would be built and operational within the Philippines by next year. However, Philippine President Duterte has declared Boracay, a large tourism investment zone, into a land reform area. This has cast a large shadow of doubt over previously approved casino projects by PAGCOR …

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President Cleans Up Corruption Within Government

President Duterte

Philippine President Duterte is investigating and firing all individuals in public office positions who have been accused of and participated in extortion and feeding into government corruption. President Duterte’s axing of crooked individuals comes as no surprise for the current Philippine President promised to curb government corruption as part of his presidential campaign. Many of …

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PAGCOR Gambling Revenue Slipping In 2018

Pagcor logo and poker chips

At the close of the 2018 first quarter of the year, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation is reporting that net income is down across the board. Government data is showing a drop of revenue for the first time in recent years. Reports are indicating that the overall net income growth is slower than last …

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