2024 Philippines Legal Online Sports Betting

Philippine legal online sports betting is offered to residents through licensed offshore sportsbooks. The online bookmakers recommended through this site offers betting lines and odds for the most popular sports from around the world. Live betting and mobile applications are the newest commodities in the online sports gambling world and we will provide you with valuable information for how these features work.

This page will explain what types of betting entertainment are legal for residents of the Philippines as well as what wagering options and bonuses to look for before creating a new account. Sportsbook gambling maintains a definitive presence within the Philippines legal online gambling market.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal For Philippine Residents?Lawbook

With their general pro-betting stance to bookmaking, it is not surprising that there are no gambling laws in the Philippines that prohibit Filipino residents from betting on sports at legally sanctioned offshore sportsbooks. The Filipino government has officially and specifically stated that offshore sports betting is not illegal, but the site at which you are wagering must be legally licensed and regulated. 

Are Brick-and-Mortar Sportsbooks Legal In The Philippines?

Absolutely. You will find land-based bookmakers in the form of MegaSportsWorld (MSW), which is regulated and licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). MSW has over 100 locations spread throughout the islands and offers legal sports betting for Filipino residents. However, you are more likely to find betting lines for Philippine sporting events with online offshore sportsbooks than you are at MSW locations or via the online MegaSportsWorld sportsbook app. For access to betting on global sports events, you will find the best betting lines, odds and pay lines with offshore legal sportsbooks.

What Sports Can I Bet On At Online Sportsbooks?

The online sportsbooks we suggest on this page offer are a wide range of sports you can bet on. Here is a list of some of the types of sports you will find on any offshore sportsbooks site.

What Wagering Options Are Available Online?

There are multiple wagering options that are regularly available online to Filipino players.  Here is a brief rundown and explanation of some of the different wagering types you might run across while betting on sports.

Money line – When betting on a money line the team you choose needs to win the game outright. Odds are attached to the team expected to win and the team expected to lose. Odds assigned to both teams create a balance between the teams and the bettors. The money line odds will determine the payout for any bets.

Points spread – is the handicap that the line maker gives to the underdog. Other than winning the team must win by more than the initial point spread. Money line odds are attached to point spreads to determine the payout.

Totals or Over/Under – the totals are referring to the combined score of all the teams involved in the bet. Players bet on if the game will go over or under the specified amount. Money lines odds attached to the over/underdetermine the payout.

What Is Live Betting?

Live betting or in-play betting allows players to make bets while the game or event is taking place. Filipino residents can place live bets at any of our recommended offshore sportsbooks sites either on their pc/laptop or mobile device. Being able to wager on individual elements within a game, match, or event, elevates the entire experience in a way that has really gained momentum among the sports wagering community.

Can I Place Bets On My Mobile Phone?

Yes, the sportsbooks that we recommend are web-based mobile-optimized applications. They utilize responsive technology with capabilities of performing across the most popular operating systems and major mobile networks. The mobile betting apps allow users to manage their account, deposit and withdraw funds, place bets and stream supported events. Live betting is meant to be real-time fun for the players and the applications suggested here possess the technology to make that happen usually without the need for an additional download.

Are There Online Sportsbook Bonuses For Filipino Residents?

Online sports bonuses are offered to Filipino residents via offshore sites in many different forms. Here are a few of the more common bonuses you will see from our recommended sportsbooks sites and a brief explanation of what they do for the sportsbook players.

Sign-up – The sign-up bonus is when a player signs up to use a sportsbook site and makes their first initial deposit. This is the most common bonus offered by most sites and different sites will match rates from 10% to 200% of a qualifying deposit.  You will find some sign up bonuses awarded for using specific Philippines deposit methods.

Reload – A reload bonus is when a site gives an incentive for adding new funds to your account. Usually only offering a percentage of the amount deposited and capped off at a specific amount.

Free Bet Bonus  This is the second most popular form of bonuses, particularly popular with sportsbooks. Offers potential sports bettors a quick worry-free wager, a site will usually match the money you deposit with a free bet bonus.

Seasonal – Seasonal bonuses are used so that sportsbooks can steer you in the direction that they want. They offer seasonal bonuses for either big events or new features, or for whatever they are trying to get people playing.

Similar bonuses can also be found with Philippine legal online casinos, Philippine legal horse betting, and Philippine legal online poker sites.

What Is The National Sport Of The Philippines?

In 2009, the Republican act 9850 named Arnis as the National sport of the Philippines. Arnis is a martial arts practice that has specific historical and cultural value to the Filipino people. Believed to have been created and passed down by indigenous people it involves the practice of weaponry, hand to hand combat and self-defense.

What Other Sports Are Popular Among Filipinos?

These are the most popular sports in the Philippines, most of which you would expect but a few might baffle you.

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Combat sports: Arnis, Taekwondo, Kick Boxing, Sabong
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • And many more

Basketball is considered by many to be the most popular sport, they had their own league until 2011 and produced several regional stars. Football/Soccer is also very popular throughout the islands and the Philippines have their own league and Olympic team.

Domestic Sports Betting At MegaSportsWorld Locations

In the Philippines, there are multiple MegaSportsWorld (MSW) locations where residents can wager on sports. Most of the locations are located in or near the most populated areas but there is one location in almost every major region including the Cagayan Valley. While the majority of the sporting bet shops are located in Entertainment CityManila City, and near Metropolitan Manila there are some as far south as Cotabato City. MSW also has an online betting service for VIP players aged 21 and up, as well as a bet-by-phone service.