2024 Manila City Gambling Entertainment Guide

The capital of the Philippines, Manila City is known as the center of entertainment in the Philippines, therefore prompting us to create a guide specifically focusing on legal Manila City gambling entertainment. Residents and visitors will find a variety of gambling entertainment, including options for casinos, poker, sports betting and online gambling. The city has several elements that attract tourism and produce commerce while delivering some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The Pasig River runs through the middle of Manila City dividing it into distinct north and south districts. Casino resorts litter the Manila Bay area and PAGCOR’s Entertainment City is a true spectacle that any gambler would love to visit.

Metropolitan Manila

Metropolitan Manila is the urban areas surrounding the capital of Manila City. Also known as the National Capital Region, it is the largest and most populated region in the Philippines. Manila City is the second most populated city in the Philippines behind Quezon City which is also located in Metropolitan Manila. 16 cities make up Metro Manila and they span over 5 provinces to make up the 5th most populated urban area in the world. There are around 20 casinos located throughout the metropolitan area that make the Manila Bay and surrounding areas popular with international tourism.

Top-Rated Gambling Sites that Accept Manila Players In 2024

In Manila City, players are not allowed to participate in locally regulated online casinos, online poker rooms or online sportsbooks so players must turn to offshore gambling sites in order to legally enjoy online gambling options. Our team of industry professionals has tested the validity and quality of these online sites and has deemed them safe to play. These sites utilize the latest encryption methods to keep vital information safe and offer other resources to protect players information across the internet. These online gambling sites are licensed and regulated by their gaming boards and implement the latest security features.  They do not violate Philippines gambling laws in any way.

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Is Online Gambling Legal In Manila City

Philippine legal online gambling is legal as long as it takes place through a regulated and licensed offshore entity that is in compliance with their local gaming authorities. Locals like to bet on Philippine sports with the use of offshore sportsbooks. Philippine legal online poker variations are frequently played as well as real money Philippine legal online casinos including blackjack, slots, baccarat, roulette, and keno. Filipinos are not allowed to play at domestic online casinos that operate within the Philippines, so players turn to offshore sites that accept their registrations and often produce a wider range of betting options and bonus offers. Above you will see a listing of our recommended Philippines friendly online gambling sites that are licensed, regulated and operating legally within the industry.

Internet Connectivity

There is no doubt that the Philippines have an internet problem, a recent OpenSignal test reported that the Philippines are running at about 8.2mbps, 74th out of 77 countries that have 4G LTE service. A spokesman for OpenSignal stated that 4G service is improving across the globe and increasing at a rapid speed. With 7,107 islands in the country, the task of providing all residents with high-speed internet seems nearly impossible but President Rodrigo Duterte has approved a plan to put in place a national broadband network over the next 3-5 years that will provide internet to areas that currently have no access.

Domestic Online Casinos In Manila City

Online casinos are licensed and regulated by the Philippines but at this time they are not allowed to offer their services to any residents residing in the country. The government has not banned online gambling or online casinos, but they do ask that players only play at licensed and regulated offshore sites for the security that comes with knowing your money is backed by a government-run gambling agency. Above we have provided our suggestions for safe to play online casinos that will accept players from the Philippines.

Casinos In Manila City

As mentioned above there are about 20 casinos located within Metropolitan Manila and 9 of them are currently located in the city limits of Manila City. The Manila bay area of town is the most populated with casinos and home of Entertainment City (E-City). E-City is a group of resorts located in close proximity that are contractually obligated to put more than 1 billion USD into the resort they are building. Currently, there are 4 resorts in the E-City borders: Solaire Resorts & Casino Manila, City of Dreams Manila, Okada Manila, Resorts World Bayshore.

Bookmakers Located In Manila City

The official state-licensed legal bookmaker in Manila is MegaSportsWorld (MSW). MegaSportsWorld has numerous locations in casinos across the bay. MSW both offer sports gambling to players in person, over the Internet, and over the telephone. However, mobile MSW betting is limited to VIP members aged 21 and older.

Poker Rooms In Manila City

Poker rooms are located around Manila City inside of resorts and casinos. Most big casinos run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can basically walk into a poker room at any time while in Manila. Since poker rooms are present in resorts and/or casinos it is no surprise that they are predominately found in the Manila Bay area. Top rated poker rooms include: Metro Card Club, Let’s All In Poker Sports Club, Mike’s Room Poker Club, City of Dreams Manila.

E-games And Internet Café’s

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) operates over 100 e-game cafes across the Philippines. E-games are electronic game stations that offer players a variety of casino games they can gamble on including card games, slots, and video poker. Slots are the most popular e-game among locals and since they are operated by PAGCOR, players have some security knowing that the games have been tested and passed current inspections.

Best Online Gambling Sites For Manila Players

Since gambling at offshore Philippine legal online sportsbooks and Philippine legal horse betting sites are permitted by the local government and Philippine gambling laws, players typically like to frequent the same sites. Sports betting is very popular and players like to bet on events from across the world. Our team has tested and analyzed the recommended sites listed above and determined they had the best overall offers and gameplay options for Filipino players. We suggest you shop around to find what is best for you but definitely look at what these top rated sites have to offer players from the Philippines.

Big Players And Big Winners In Manila City

In any notable gambling hub, there will be some well-known players who pass through, Alan Woods is one of those players. Originally from Australia, during college, he started playing casinos regularly and after college, he started working at a casino where he picked up card counting. Later in life, he would master the art of betting on horse racing. He spent some of his later years in the Philippines betting on horse races and when he died he donated a substantial amount of his winnings to the Filipino community. He was said to be worth over 500 million USD when he passed away, making him one of the most successful gamblers of all time.

Henry Sy is known as the Philippines richest man, originally from China, he opened a small shoe store in Manila City, Philippines in 1956. Later after many good business deals, Henry Sy formed SM Investment Corporation, a holding company that has become one of the biggest conglomerates in the Philippines. A subsidiary of SM Investment Corporation; Belle Corporation has opened City of Dreams Manila along with many other resorts and golf clubs across the Philippines.

Nightlife In Manila City

The nightlife in Manila is said to be one of the best in Asia, with casinos, clubs, and bars that are crowded almost every night. Alcohol is cheap, pretty girls are everywhere and tourist are always welcome. English is commonly spoken in metropolitan Manila and it’s easy to get around the area. There are several red-light districts and some areas of town are not recommended for tourist but overall most people are friendly and welcoming. Most of the casino action is in the Manila Bay area, hotels are a little more expensive then what you would expect to find in Vegas, but food and drinks are cheap and if you’re feeling homesick, there are several international food options down the street.

Manila City Resources

Horse Racetrack:
Metro Turf, San Pioquinto, Malvar, Batangas, Philippines (+63 43 773 6682)

Casinos And Poker Rooms:
Midas Hotel and Casino, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 902 0100)
City of Dreams Manila, 1700 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 800 8080)
Okada Manila, 1701 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 888 0777)
Resorts World Manila, 1309 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 908 8888)
Casino Filipino, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 522 3301)
APT Poker Room, 2F Winford Hotel, and Casino, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 917 588 4055)
Pagcor Casino, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 526 0337)
Metro Card Club, Bldg. C  Metrowalk Complex, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 633 1422)
Masters Poker Club, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 905 295 6415)
Let’s All In Poker Sports Club, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 804 0562)
Winford Manila Resort and Casino, 1014 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 528 3600)
Solaire Resort and Casino, 1701 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 888 8888)

Manila Resources For Problem Gambling:

Filipino Casino Hotline: (02) 521-0957
Gamblers Anonymous Manila

Player Exclusion Program