The Games And Amusement Board In The Philippines

The Game and Amusement Board (GAB) was created in 1951 when Executive Order 392 gave them control of domestic sporting operations including boxing, cockfighting, and ½ of horse racing. Today their range extends past those sports and includes soccer, basketball, bowling, martial arts, tennis, and wrestling. Not only do they regulate the sports and the athletes, but they control the gambling operations associated with their sports as well. The GAB has been mandated to crack down on illegal gambling activities in professional sports, especially in the sport of cockfighting, boxing and horse racing. The Games and Amusement Board licenses and regulates sports by enforcing rules of eligibility to their sports and athletes.

Anti-Illegal Gambling Unit

The Anti-Illegal Gambling Unit (AIGU) was first established in 1992 to help combat illegal gambling activities. The Philippines has had an ongoing problem with illegal gambling activities. Illegal bookies are often associated with the sport of cockfighting, boxing, horse racing and more. The AIGU was created to help combat those illegal efforts and to drive more revenue into the sports. The AIGU was initially composed of personnel appointed by the chairman of the GAB. The staff also included some members from the Philippine National Police (PNP), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the Philippine Racing Commission (PHILRACOM), Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), and other gambling-related entities.

Is Cockfighting Still Legal To Bet On In The Philippines?

Yes, cockfighting is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years in the Philippines. There are records that go back into the 1500’s that proves cockfighting was being practiced in the islands way back then. Today there are legal cockpits and regulated competitions that residents can place bets on. Sunday is usually the biggest day for cockfighting and Filipino’s can legally place bets with registered bookies at the track. The Anti-Illegal Gambling Unit is now in charge of breaking up unregulated cockfights and taking down illegal bookies. According to Philippine gambling laws, illegal bookies can face a $6,000 (PHP) fine and face jail time if caught.

Is It Legal To Bet On Domestic Boxing Events In The Philippines?

Yes! Offshore Philippine legal online sports betting sites are permitted and Filipinos can bet on Philippine boxing events as long as the site is legally licensed and regulated by their local gaming commission. Online there are tons of boxing events Filipinos can bet on across the world but depending on the credibility of the sportsbook, they might not offer the fight you are looking for. However, domestic sportsbook MegaSportsWorld (MSW), even though it has a limited online component, usually covers the biggest local and international boxing events. Still, MSW lacks many of the side bets and boxing props that international sportsbooks offer. As such, your best boxing bet is going to be offshore Philippine legal online sports betting sites.

How Does The Games And Amusement Board Regulate Boxing?

The Games and Amusement Board (GAB) will regulate boxing by creating and enforcing rules and regulations. They require all boxers and trainers to be licensed by the GAB to compete in their permitted events. They require all boxers to have a medical exam that includes a chest x-ray and a CT brain scan among many other things. Potential boxers also must pass a drug screen and their physical before they are accepted and licensed by the GAB. Once licensed a boxer can then fight in a permitted event that is recognized by the GAB.

How Does The Games And Amusement Board Regulate Basketball?

In 1971 Presidential Decree No. 871 put the sport of basketball under the authority of the GAB. The GAB regulates the sport of basketball much like the way they regulate boxing. Players are required to obtain a license from the GAB before they can participate in the League’s events. X-rays, screenings, and drug tests are required among other things to obtain a license.

What Does The Games And Amusement Board Do For Horse Racing?

The GAB oversees the betting and licensing side of horse race operations. They are in charge of licensing jockeys, race clubs, race officials and just about everything else involved in the sport. They are the agency that will verify ticket sale reports and compute dividends. They state their primary goal as to protect the interests of the betting public and other beneficiaries of the industry. Or guide to Philippine legal horse betting will provide more information on how residents can legally bet on horse races. The Philippine Racing Commission (PHILRACOM) is in charge of protecting the sport and the horses.

How Long Does A GAB License Last For?

A player’s license from the GAB is only legally valid for 1 year. After 1 full calendar year, a player must renew his license to participate in any events. Late renewals face a 50% cost fee penalty.