Philippine Racing Commission – PHILRACOM And It’s Impact On Gambling In The Philippines

The Philippine Racing Commission (PHILRACOM) was created by Presidential Decree No. 420 in 1974 when then President Ferdinand Marcos signed the document into law. The racing commission was created to direct the accelerated development and continued growth of horse racing and to exploit the sport as a source of revenue and employment for Filipino’s. Today they still direct the growth of the sport but also raise confidence in the sport while minimizing infractions of the rules. They also strive to improve and protect the breed of Philippine horses and to prevent illegal importation or racehorses.

PHILRACOM Specific Powers According To PD 420

By the time of PHILRACOM’s creation in 1974, horse racing had already been embedded in the Filipino community for over 100 years. Upon creation, the Philippine Racing Commission was granted specific powers to regulate the sport of horse racing. Below is a list of some of the most important powers bestowed upon the racing commission:

  • The ability to enforce laws set forth by the Philippine government.
  • Permission to add additional rules to help further the sport.
  • The power to grant, suspend or revoke permits for horse races.
  • Oversee construction of race tracks.
  • Supervise race meetings to ensure the integrity of the sport.
  • Prohibit the use of improper devices, drugs etc.
  • May impose fines, penalties or forfeitures.

Is It Legal To Bet On Horse Racing Online?

Yes, Filipino’s can bet on horse racing online using offshore racebooks if they are legally licensed and in compliance with their local gambling regulators. Philippine gambling laws state that Philippine licensed racebooks are not allowed to accept online bets for domestic events or from Philippine residents. Offshore online racebooks are usually preferred by players because of their bonuses and the variety of Philippine horse racing events that can be wagered on. Our guide to Philippine legal horse betting sites is a great resource for Filipino players looking to break into the online horse betting market.

What Is The Legal Age To Gamble On Horse Racing?

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) mandates laws for most of the Philippines including all the areas that the 3 horse racetracks are located. PAGCOR requires bettors to be 21 years of age but in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone, the legal gambling age is 18, so residents in the Cagayan Valley can also bet online at 18.

When Did Horse Racing Begin In The Philippines?

Horse racing began as a leisurely activity in the Philippines sometime around 1867, when the Spanish was still in control of the islands. They are credited with introducing horse racing to the Philippines in what is now known as the pony era (1867-1898). When the sport was first introduced they would race on a strait ¼ mile track and jockeys would win medals or prizes. There are 3 distinct eras for Philippine horse racing: the pony era, the Arabian era, and the thoroughbred era.

When Did People Start Betting On Horse Races?

Right after the turn of the 19th century. In 1901, the Spanish-American war President William Taft was credited for popularizing horse racing and making it accessible to many Filipino’s. In 1904 betting was first introduced to the sport and soon after it was authorized to remain part of the sport. Horse betting has remained legal in the Philippines since its introduction to the sport. Today there are many different wagering options someone can utilize to bet on horse races.

How Much Money Does Horse Racing Generate Today?

Horse racing is a big business in the Philippines like it is in many different parts of the world. According to PHILRACOM, in 2015, the industry generated 1.3 billion (PHP) or 25 million (USD) in government revenue. Gross sales totaled 7.7 billion (PHP) or 148 million (USD). With only 3 horse racetracks on the islands that is a significant amount of revenue that can be used for national aid or structural necessities.

What Kind Of Bets Can You Make On Horse Racing?

There are many different types of bets associated with horse racing. In the Philippines people usually make a win or place bets. A win bet is when you pick the horse who wins the race, a place bet is when you pick a horse that will place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the race. There are also many other types of bets associated with the sport including: daily double, quinella, trifecta, pick 4, pick 5, and pick 6 bets. Parley bets and pool betting is also allowed when betting on horse racing. All bets have factors that must be met to produce a winning bet.

Does PHILRACOM Control All Horse Racing Activities In The Philippines?

No, PHILRACOM is the government agency for the horse racing industry throughout the Philippines but the Games and Amusement Board is in charge of betting operations of horse racing. PHILRACOM is in charge of making sure the horse racing industry flourishes and holds integrity, while the Games and Amusement Board (GAB) deals with all licensing, betting operations and payouts of winning bets.

– For further information visit the Philippine Racing Commission‘s official website.