Legally Bet on The Nationals Philippines Esports League In 2024

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The Philippines launched The Nationals in 2019, becoming the country’s first-ever professional esports league that puts the best gamers in the country against each other in some of the most popular games in the world. Recent studies estimate that of the country’s 70 million residents, there are a total of 47 million gamers in the Philippines.

But is it legal for Filipinos to bet on The Nationals? And if so, where could you put pesos on teams and players in the esports league? We cover everything you need to know so you can legally gamble on games in The Nationals. Betting on esports has never been more popular, so now is your chance to get in on the action!

Can I legally bet on The Nationals in the Philippines?

Yes. Philippine residents who are at least 18 years old can, by law, place a bet on The Nationals Esports league. As long as the betting sites are legally licensed and located offshore, then it is 100% legal. MegaSportsWorld offers domestic online sports betting in the Philippines (21+), but to date, we’ve never come across any MSW eSports odds. Below you will find our recommended list of the best sites for betting on eSports that both legal and safe.

Top eSports Betting Sites to Bet on The Nationals For 2024

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The Nationals Esports – Betting Lines and Odds

Before placing a wager on your favorite team, there are a few things you need to know about the types of lines and odds you will find at the betting site.

How to Read eSports Odds

Odds are the chance a betting site gives to each team or player participating in the game, match, or series being played. There are three categories of odds:

Favorite: The favorite is indicated with a negative number in most betting lines, and because they’re more likely to win, you must risk more to win less. (ex. -350 means a ₱350 bet wins ₱100)

Underdog: On the flip side, the underdog is always shown with a positive number. Since the underdog is less likely to win, you don’t have to risk as much but will receive more money in return if you do. (ex. +200 means a ₱100 bet wins ₱200)

Even: In the rare cases where a team has exactly a 50/50 chance of winning, you’ll see even odds displayed and the bet is equal to the amount that can be won. (ex. EVEN or +100 means ₱100 bet wins ₱100)

Types of Betting Lines Offered at eSportsbooks

While there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to place a real-money wager on esports, here are the most popular bet types that you’ll find at the online esportsbooks.

Map/Round Advantage: This type of bet is where a team or player is favored and must win by a certain margin to “cover” the advantage an oddsmaker is giving you. (ex. Team A -1.5 maps against Team B means Teams A must win by at least 2 maps to win a bet.)

Money Line: The money line is essentially a wager that is placed only on the odds of either the favorite or underdog to win the game, match, or series. (ex. Who will win? Team A -150 or Team B +200)

Totals (Over/Under): This is a bet that’s typically placed on game time or kills/gold, but basically a totals bet is one where you put money on whether the number will be over or under a set amount. (ex. Player 1 Total Kills O/U 8.5 means the player must record 9 or more kills in-game for the over to win or 8 or fewer kills for the under to win)

Prop Bets: Also called “side bets,” this type of wager does not affect the outcome of a game directly but instead is usually on something funny or that is meme’d a lot. (ex. How many times will “Player 1 is 1v9’ing this game!” be said during the broadcast? O/U 1.5 times during the broadcast)

Futures: Lastly, there are futures, which is bet made ahead of time in order to gain a better payout since it’s harder for a betting site to accurately predict the outcome of something weeks or months in advance. (ex. Odds to win The Nationals: Team A +1000 and it’s three months until the finals are played, so a ₱100 bet wins ₱1000 if Team A becomes the champion)

The Nationals Esports League – Everything you need to know

With the conclusion of the Road to the Nationals in 2018, the best players in the Philippines were then drafted to various organizations to compete in three different esports categories (PC, console, mobile) during the country’s inaugural season of The Nationals. The first season of The Nationals began on March 24 and below is everything you need to know for 2019 season.

When: March 2019 – October 2019
Where: Gariath Concepts Studio in Eastwood, Quezon City
Watch/Stream: ESPN5’s 5Plus, eGG Network of Cignal, One Sports of Pay TV


  • PC: Dota 2 – March
  • PS4: Tekken 7 – June
  • Mobile: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – July

Pro Esports Teams:

  • Bren Epro – BrenPro Inc. (2018)
  • Cignal Ultra Warriors – Cignal TV Inc. (2018)
  • Happy Feet Emperors – Happy Feet Esports (2018)
  • PLDT-Smart Omega – PLDT Inc. / Smart Communications (2018)
  • Suha-Execration Punishers – STI Education Systems Holdings, Inc. (2018)
  • Team STI – STI Education Systems Holdings, Inc. (2019)
  • Team 7 – TBA (TBA 2019)
  • Team 8 – TBA (TBA 2019)
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  • Twitter: @PHNationals
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