Philippine National Police Wants E-Sabong Listed In Anti-Illegal Gambling Law

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has suggested that online e-sabong sites outside the country should be blocked from the public and that domestic e-sabong sites should be listed in the Anti-illegal gambling law.

The Philippine News Agency has reported that the PNP’s view on e-sabong was presented in a news conference last week where General Rodolfo Azurin Jr. said the Anti-cybercrime group had recommended the move to congress. General Azurin also suggested that sanctions be implemented for service providers who do not block online e-sabong websites.

Cockfights In The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the few countries that still allow betting on cockfighting. While the tradition goes back to ancient times, it is just as popular today as it was in the past. It is estimated that over $1 billion is wagered on cockfighting in the Philippines yearly. 

There are numerous cockpits on the islands, and betting on the outcome of cockfights is something that many people are aware of and have experienced. Licensed cockpits are legal, but there are still rogue cockfights that take place in the country.

E-Sabong’s History

Online sabong betting, or e-sabong, was briefly legalized throughout the Philippines during the Covid-19 pandemic to keep people away from the popular cockpits. However, since public restrictions were lifted, e-sabong has again been banned in the country.

Former president Rodrigo Duterte receded his allowance of e-sabong before he left office in 2022. The new Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has also stated that he will continue to enforce the e-sabong ban. 

Can I Bet On E-sabong Online?

Some e-sabong betting sites are still available online to Philippine residents, but most sites are not trusted. They could also be blocked from internet service providers soon if congress decides to add e-sabong to the anti-illegal gambling law. 

We suggest you only play online wager games at legal online casinos outside of the Philippines, as they possess licenses from trusted gambling regulators. Licensed sites also have to go through a strenuous compliance check where the wagering games are tested for reliability and fairness. 

Trusted legal online casinos typically do not offer e-sabong betting but offer many other classic games such as blackjack, pia gow, or video poker. Many sites also offer sports betting and live dealer games with a single-player account.